About EMBC

Founded in 2020, the Emergency Medicine Business Coalition (EMBC) delivers modern business solutions to its membership of independent democratic emergency medicine practice groups. Providing an amplified voice, shared best practices, and economies of scale, EMBC ensures the strength, success, and viability of physician-led emergency medicine practice groups in the marketplace. 

Leading the Way in Quality Patient Care

Hospitals around the country are trusting EMBC  members to provide effective leadership and the highest quality patient care for their emergency departments.  

EMBC is a national membership network made up of local independent practice groups, which help both the hospital management team and the members of their communities win.

Local Physicians, National Network

EMBC Member practice groups are comprised of local physicians, living and working in their communities. These practice groups are strengthened by EMBC’s powerful national network of emergency medicine practitioners. Today, EMBC’s network includes 3,800 physicians, represents 26 states, and covers 6.2M patient visits annually. 


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EMBC surveyed its member practice groups to understand how our members are performing compared to data collected by the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) on similarly sized groups across the country. EMBC member practice groups outperform their EDBA cohorts in nearly every category.

62% of our member groups have been in business 35+ years. 

Our member practice groups are all independently and physician owned. Member have decades of clinical experience and are almost exclusively board certified. 

30 minutes shorter median length of stay vs. industry average.  

We balance speed and quality of care. Across all emergency department types, our partners delivered more efficient emergency room visits for patients. 

50% lower number of patients who left before being seen.

We minimize risk and lost revenue for your hospital. Our members' EDs have low rates of patients who leave without being seen, which means they are reaching every patient and hospitals aren’t losing millions in revenue.

In over 90% of member practice groups, at least 75% of physicians live locally to the EDs where they practice. 

The majority of our physicians live in the communities they serve. As EMBC members, our physicians also have a strong national network behind them, giving our members a local perspective with national strength. 

 EMBC data was collected between January 31, 2023 and March 13, 2023. EDBA data is from their 2-23 ED Performance Measures Report.

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