EMBC Membership Criteria


  • Must demonstrate revenue of at least 50% from EM interests.
  • Must have a majority of ownership from clinicians working or dedicated to the EM clinical enterprise.


  • Have a majority of ownership from clinicians working or dedicated to the EM clinical enterprise.
    • Member groups must be >75% physician owned and <25% non-physician owned, which may include other clinicians, administrators, and/or private equity.
  • Have available ownership (shares, units, or equivalent) to full time physician employees, though a group may impose a reasonable time period whereby the ownership interests may be revoked for departure from group.


  • Governance may be run by shareholders directly, via a board of directors, or similar representative body.
    • In the case of a shareholder direct governance, no single shareholder shall have greater than 50% of the outstanding shares.
    • In the case of a board of directors (or representative body), the physician representation must meet or exceed two-thirds of voting authority.


  • Compensation for physicians must represent reasonable market compensation .
  • Total compensation for administrators must not inappropriately exceed the compensation of equally qualified full-time clinical employees.


  • EMBC members are expected to support other member groups.
    • EMBC’s primary focus will be support independent democratic member groups in maintaining their current contracts and group solvency.
    • Respect and protect confidential data and information obtained from or relating to members.
    • Keep member’s sensitive financials and contractual details siloed and confidential.
    • Bring together any possible resources among member groups to support each member’s contractual stability.
    • Comply with all applicable competition laws and to not engage in any inappropriate or anti-competitive activities between members.


EMBC membership dues are calculated as follows: $2,000 plus $0.05 per patient visit (in the last 12 months) with a maximum of $10,000.