EMBC Leader Mastermind Group


Meeting dates / time (12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST) - UPDATED!

  • February 6
  • March 6
  • April 3
  • May 1
  • June 5
  • July 17

This program is open to EMBC Regular Members only. Registration capacity for the dates listed above are limited to 6 participants. If you are interested in a group mastermind specific to 4-6 of your practice group employees, please contact the EMBC office to arrange. [email protected] Additional program dates will be established if registrations exceed capacity. 

Registration Deadline: January 27, 2023


How would it feel to accelerate your learning curve and accomplish more in a year than you could alone in a lifetime?

The Emergency Department Leaders Mastermind ​is designed to provide accountability and expertise to help you develop leadership skills and attain goals specific to each participant's group. This format will help you see problems in a new light and offer many new perspectives on how you might be successful in an area holding you back. Our coaches each have over 20 years of ED experience. This, coupled with your mastermind peer group ​of other EMBC group leaders, will easily net you with 80+ years of practical experience on how you might be more successful in your endeavors, propelling your growth forward at an accelerated rate. The support of trusted peer advisors and experienced executive coaches help you break through what is holding you back with confidence and clarity.

2 hour sessions, 1x a month, up to 6 peers, fully virtual.

Do you feel alone as an ED Leader, navigating the constant changes in healthcare and your hospital? Congratulations, you've found your new cohort! This group is for those who are serious about not only finding solutions, but also taking bold action to implement them. Values guiding the group are honesty, confidentiality and active participation.

Gain confidence and clarity from the "hot seat." Each session, you pose an individualized question, the rest of the group provides ideas, experience, suggestions, and resources so that you walk away with a clear action plan in mind. This provides you with at least six new ideas and fresh perspectives each month to keep you on a forward track.

We’ve all attended conferences and left with the goal to implement what we’ve learned, but work often gets in the way of making the change. With the magic formula of ideas, insights and accountability from trusted peers, you will be able to broaden and challenge your thinking on issues holding you back. This will allow you to leverage your strengths as a leader, accelerate your learning curve and take action with confidence.

Meet your Coaches 

Dr. Robert Blankenship is a certified executive coach, emergency physician, and leader. He has served in various leadership and consulting roles within healthcare, the US Government, military, and business. Rob is passionate about helping healthcare leaders improve and build exceptional teams and healthy organizations so they can better care for patients, themselves, and the community they serve.

Dr. Linda Lawrence is a certified executive coach, emergency physician and leadership development expert, leveraging 25+ years of experience as a Physician Executive in multiple senior healthcare leadership roles within military, academia, nonprofit boards and start-up companies. A nationally recognized leader in emergency medicine, she brings a depth of experience and skill in building successful emergency department groups in a variety of settings where both the patients and the team thrive.

Investment - This program is currently open to EMBC Regular Members only.

  Participant Member Price
6 month Mastermind - no coaching $2,160
6 month Mastermind - w/ 2 coaching sessions $2,970

Click here to access the FAQs. Have additional questions? Coaches Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Lawrence are available to assist. If an individual from your group is interested in participating and unsure if they have an active profile with our website, please email [email protected]